Training of Security personnel of Pioneer Security Services (Pvt) Ltd divided in to two categories mention as below.


In house training consists of seven days at the Company training site or at the "Serupita" - MOD, training academy as a pre-employment trainee. During this period they are trained on the following subject matters.

  • Government law, rules and regulations pertaining to private security field,
  • Weapons training (where needed)
  • Patrol duties & Static Duties.
  • Search & seizure techniques.
  • Civil liability, communication & attitudes.
  • Personal discipline
  • Check for proper identification at entrance to building or gates.
  • Taking over / Handing over procedures
  • Warn of persons breaking company rules.


Apart from the pre-employment (In house) job training, our employees are entitled to have a 72 hrs on the job training at the job site under the supervision of our area managers/visiting officers on following subjects.

  • Documents to maintain
  • Nature of the clients/customers business environment
  • About visitors & customers
  • Company rules and procedures
  • Client's requirements
  • Routine information
  • Possible internal and external threats
  • Surroundings and internal structure
  • Firefighting plan (If any)
  • About the doors/windows/gates/fences/locks/lights
  • Nearest Police station/Fire brigade/Civil authorities